Hi, We're Lena and Lauren. Sisters and co-founders of Good Behind The Glam. Our love of beauty and skincare began at an early age. We would play in our grandmother's lipsticks, insist on doing our mother's makeup and consume every Bobbi Brown or Kevin Aucoin book we could get our hands on. As children we had the unique opportunity to spend our childhood modeling in New York City and experienced the most magical world two small town girls from Georgia could ever dream of. Lauren went on to continue her career as a model, actress, stylist, and professional makeup artist, while Lena pursued a career in sales, marketing, and real estate. 

In our early 30’s we began focusing on our overall wellness, from the food we ate to the beauty products we applied, we became more aware of the potentially toxic chemicals that could be found in these essential items. As a professional makeup artist, Lauren began looking for natural and organic cosmetics and skincare products, but to her disappointment these items were either hard to get, outrageously expense, or didn’t work well. She began to make her own lip care products using organic ingredients for family, friends, and clients, and those people went from being polite as in “these are great” to “how can I get more.”  Lauren began to think about how she could help women get access to affordable and clean beauty products, that would help them maintain a healthy lifestyle, all while giving back. 

In November of 2017, as we having coffee at one of our favorite local Atlanta spots, Lauren expressed her desire to build a business around the foundation of helping people look good, feel good, and do good. Lena was on board from day one, as we have always felt destined to work together, and in this moment, it became clear that this was our calling. With less than $10,000, which was rounded up from personal savings and family investments, we launched the company in January 2018, under the name “Adeline Campbell” with the tag line “Good Behind the Glam.” We started this company to provide people with affordable everyday essential cosmetic and skincare products that are made in the USA with only the highest quality of pure or organic ingredients. We have pledged to donate a portion of each sale to help empower women overcoming crisis and rebuild their lives. We are currently partnered with Beloved Atlanta and are donating to rehabilitation of women who have been victims of addiction, human trafficking and sexual exploitation. 

From a young age our mother taught us to help those who cannot help themselves. This philosophy is deeply rooted in in everything we do. Unfortunately, she passed away in May of 2013 after a long battle with addiction. We have dedicated the company to her, and it’s a dream to give back to women’s causes in her honor.  

We have big ideas for Good Behind The Glam and plan on building the company with many high-quality wellness products. 

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